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Vehicles today keep changing at a fast pace; therefore it is crucial that we continually keep improving rust inhibitor products and techniques to achieve a competitive advantage. Improving the quality of Corrosion Defence products, services, equipment and tools has become the responsibility of each member of our staff, including all levels of employees found in the family of the Corrosion Defence Dealers.

Our goal is to offer the most effective rust inhibitor products and service possible to all our dealers and customers.


CANADA : Our dealer network is expanding at a very fast pace. Our main office located in Montreal, Quebec has setup rustproofing dealers in six Canadian Provinces, including, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland. For western Canada, we are proud to have just opened a new sales office in Vancouver, BC. Corrosion Defence dealers are currently being setup and the locations are to be announced shortly.


USA : Rustproofing shops are currently located in New York and Illinois, our focus is to expand our locations to most of the States. To accomplish this goal we have opened a sales offices in Florida. More locations coming, soon to be announced.


INTERNATIONAL : Clients in South America, particularly in the mining and marine industry have experienced serious corrosion issues that deteriorate their vehicles and machinery at a very fast pace. A sales office has been setup in Santiago, Chile and we are proud to be currently assisting clients in protecting their investments.


Our unique rust proofing formula does more than just cover the metal, it treats it. Corrosion Defence ensures protection to your vehicle's most critical areas by penetrating, displacing existing moisture and protecting the many vulnerable crevices of your automobile.

Automotive: Critical Areas Protected


Business owners and managers that are responsible for their fleet’s maintenance often look for solutions to extend the lifespan of the vehicles. We offer two options, the first is to contact one of our dealers and have the vehicles sprayed at the Corrosion Defence location or option two is to have one of our mobile units come to your location and protect the vehicles on-site. Our mobile units are fully equipped with rust inhibitors, compressors, generators, pressure washers, pumps, equipment and tools to completely and efficiently protect your fleet against rust.

Fleet Mobile Services


For current truck and auto shop owners, we have developed a truly complete rustproofing program and system like no other. Joining our network of dealers is easy; we offer low-cost startup kits that can convert one of your garage bays into a professional rustproofing center. We include the rust inhibitor product, equipment, tools, spray guns, brochures, posters, banners, free access to our online invoicing and client management software, on-site training for your technicians with operation manuals, and much more.


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Business Opportunity - Distributor


Unlimited mileage, unlimited ownership transfer, renewably annually, FOREVER.


Highly effective corrosion control products, which will coat and protect critical rust prone areas.


State of the art equipment and systems that will ensure total coverage of all body panels and undercarriage.


Custom industrial coatings services that add value to a wide spectrum of industrial vehicles and heavy machinery.

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