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Our commitment to our customers is a priority.

At Corrosion Defence, we are dedicated and committed to produce and provide excellent value, highly effective corrosion control products, coatings and systems to protect and maintain all types of structures, machineries, equipment and vehicles against the damages caused by rust and corrosion.

Our products protect and preserve our customers’ most valuable investments. Our coatings are essential; they minimize maintenance costs and improve aesthetics. They are also essential to sustainability, as they extend the useful lifetime of the investments they protect.

For almost 40 years, our experienced team has worked closely with our customers, regardless if the project is large or small. We are there every step of the way, offering advice, support and customized solutions that provide superior coatings for lasting protection and performance.

The focus and approach to innovation has enabled us to work with highly skilled R&D teams, constantly searching for advanced chemistry and customer insight to ensure our solutions meet stringent global standards.

We realize in today’s world that technology and our customers continually evolve; therefore, we constantly challenge the status quo and ourselves. We collaborate closely with our customers to ensure we understand their businesses and needs resulting in proudly offering only the best possible solutions our customers deserve.

Gino Fazioli


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