Corrosion Defence; offering rust control solutions for the aviation, Industrial and Marine Industries


Offering highly effective rust control products for the Auto, Aviation, Industrial and Marine industries.

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Corrosion takes many forms in the marine environment. It can be seen as pitting on hull plates; in the disintegration of weld seams; around bow thrusters and on the surfaces of rudders and other vital components. Our technicians will evaluate and recommend well designed solutions and systems that can eliminate these problems, safeguarding the structural integrity of the vessel and significantly reducing maintenance costs throughout its operational life. Corrosion Defence offers world leading anti-corrosion solutions for the Marine Industry, this combined with the expertise which goes with wide understanding of corrosion problems, we will certainly offer the most effective way of solving them.


Cruise Ships, Container Vessels, Ferries, Cargo Ships, Boats, Yachts, etc

Offshore Platform, SeaWater Pipwork, Semi-submersibles

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